The Sum of Some Parts

Lately I’ve been really into documentaries, and every time I’ve finished one I think to myself – WOW, now that I learned all about _______, I really want to change ________ part of my life.
But over the course of the day/week/weeks, I have not really made any life-shattering changes even though I REALLY REALLY WANT TO. Why?! Because I KNOW I will fail in some or many parts and, well, failure is scary. I’ve become a bit of a perfectionist, which in all honesty has become a large barrier in my life that I am in the process of fixing. It has become an “all or none” approach: If I can’t do it all perfectly, then I put off starting or getting very far until i’m more “prepared” or ready to do it “the right way.”
I’m starting to realize (and trying to tell myself) that the “sum of SOME parts” is wayyy better than nothing at all. In other words, it’s better to have accomplished something sub-par or is still a work in progress than having all these great ideas and yet accomplishing nothing because you are waiting for the perfect time.
Here’s to diving in and (probably) failing a time or two or three…. but enjoying the journey and learning experience throughout! (And this includes this blog post)
By the way, my current list of “must see” documentaries inspiring this are:
Minimalism (the TED talk and the documentary)
Zero Waste Living (not a documenary but a video I saw on FB – look it up on youtube)
Food Choices
The True Cost

Bike weekend

Let it be known that I’m so physically tired I don’t want to write anything. But I need to get in the habit of self discipline for blogging again so I’ll make it short n sweet.. Which leads me to my first bike weekend mention of my first Short N Sweet short track mountain bike race on Saturday. It was HOT HOT HOT but since I was racing Women’s U39 2/3s I was lucky to race at 7pm and the sun was a little more merciful. The course was great, although I wasn’t wearing contacts or glasses and so I had to be cautious the first lap to figure out the course. I ended up 3rd place and now that I know the course I bet next round I’ll be able to move up the podium. 🙂 

Secondly, today was the Katy flatlands century and I managed to complete the 100 mile route, although my body was like HellNo at mile 70ish. I haven’t been riding much distance with the whole Crit season thing, so it’s been a while to do anything over 60 miles. Plus my legs and entire body really were sore from Mtb. Not to mention my ankles from soccer!! Ow. Anyways, it was fun with us keeping a steady tempo pace of 20mph and finishing exactly at 5 hour mark. Woo! Since then the theme of the day has been NAP and FOOD. Nom nom.

Somehow I have to survive work tomorrow and I have a lot to do… Meh. Good Night!!!!

Trying new things

Soccer what? I mean of course everyone has played soccer at some point but I’ve never been competitive or tried to be. But it’s an opportunity to try something new, get a different type of exercise, and meet some new folks I would probably never meet otherwise! 

Jewelry Making

Man, I’ve got to say, ever since I migrated my site from WordPress hosting it has been really inconvenient to manage or post to this blog :/  I might just start from scratch somewhere else.  We’ll see.

Anyway, the most news-worthy thing is the mini success of my side jewelry business on Etsy.  Here’s a link:

My biggest seller is definitely the Texas “state”-ment bracelets, but I would really like to promote more cycling / fitness-related jewelry!  I would love to branch out to a target audience of women’s empowerment and the women’s cycling community, which has had such an incredible boom in the past 2 years!!

Speaking of cycling, I begin my 2016 race season tomorrow.  Ever since Melv and I moved in together and did a bunch of renovations, it’s been hard for me to get back into the swing of training.  What better way than to go out and race with a bunch of fast women on a Sunday afternoon?? 😉

Positive vibes to all.


Amazing Detox Tea by Young Leaf Natural Wellness


Coming back from vacay and I’ve been feeling a little…. sloowwww lately.  It’s like, I can’t wake up mentally or physically.  I think I enjoyed my recent vacay a little too much (sure, another margarita!).  So it was time to whip back into shape.

This 14 day organic detox tea program from Young Leaf Natural Wellness is my first step in the right direction.  I am only on Day 2 so far, but the tea is aahhmazing (and so fresh!) and I already feel a huge difference!



The tea in the package comes wild and free – as in, Bring Your Own Teabag (BYOT?).  When I opened the package, I was welcomed by a wave of aroma plus this is what I found:


The package is enough for 14 days, so each serving you only need about 1 tablespoon of leaves.  Simply put them in your empty tea bag (or infuser), add boiling water, and give it about 5-7 minutes to brew.




At first taste – my first reaction was DAMN THIS IS FRESH.  And with a touch of minty flavor.  You can almost feel it beginning to purify your insides, haha!


Like I said, I am only on Day 2 of 14… hopefully I can stick to it.  If you are a tea person (or if you are not), you should absolutely try this! 🙂

Bear Creek Crits are Back!

Sprint Finish of the Women's Open race
Sprint Finish of the Women’s Open race


Yay!  Tonight was the first night of the continuation of the beloved Bear Creek Crits – half of the races during the original series were rained out due to the location’s susceptibility to flooding.  Because we are so late in the season (Memorial Park crits just wrapped up last Wednesday), they pushed all of the race categories up the schedule, and slightly shortened the race durations.  So the Women’s Open was at 5pm, for a 40 minute criterium.  It was a pretty light crowd (it’s hard for a lot of people to the west side of town in time for a 5pm race), but it was a really fun night!  There were 6 women racing, and the group got spread out on the first lap.  I rode the entire time with Venny and Sarah, who are both also Cat 4 racers.  A pro woman went off the front in the first lap and we never did catch her.  Taking that into account, it came down to the sprint and we ended up Sarah (2nd), me (3rd) and Venny (4th).  Good workout, nice weather (a bit windy but not crazy HOT like it has been the past few months), and I got to keep my current 2nd-place overall ranking for one more week at least…  4 more weeks left!  (I know for sure i can’t make it next week – hopefully that doesn’t hurt me too bad for the points competition!)

Here’s to a nice and breezy end to 2015 road season!

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